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    How long does it take to get to the hotel from Incheon Airport?

    It takes about an hour to get to the hotel by car from Incheon Airport, 

    and about an hour and a half to get to the airport bus and the airport railway.

    For more detailed transportation information, please visit our website.

    How can I get to the hotel from the airport?

    You can take taxi or subway. both are very convenient. Please refer the link below.

    What's the exit number at Myeongdong subway station?

    Our hotel is very close to the Myeongdong Station (line #4)

    Please make out of subway station exit 5.

    What's the storage period and handling regulations for lost items?

    1. Food (open) : Disposal on the same day

    2. Food (unopend, canned food) : one day

    3. General lost items (clothing, shoes, chargers, books, etc.) : 7 days

    4. Valuables (passport, wallet, jewelry, electronic device, etc.) : one month

    If you have any inquiries about lost items, please contact to the front desk.

    * international call: 82+70-4616-7377

    * email:

    I'd like to be informed about various events and programs that are being held at the Mohenic Hotel Seoul-Myeongdong.

    You can always check out "Production" on the website for events and information on package products.